As part of the Restart Conference (May 18-20), we speak to key players of the new wave of Catalan women directors who are enjoying the international spotlight at festivals and markets.

We discuss success stories such as Carla Simón’s Summer 1993 and Pilar Palomero’s The Girls as well as the new names and projects - like Simon’s upcoming shoot Alcarrás - that will shape the region’s future Film & TV Series landscape.

The panel explores the factors that have enabled more diverse titles to flourish and discusses how these provide a unique roadmap for the film industry in Catalonia.

Valerie Delpierre, Producer - Inicia Films
Clara Roquet, Writer, Director (10,000 km, Petra)
Paz Lazaro, Selection Committee Berlinale / Senior Advisor

Elisabet Cabeza, Spain Correspondent - Screen International

Restart is sponsored and supported by ScreenSkills, the BFI, the British Film Commission and Centtrip.