Programme includes David Mackenzie’s Starred Up and Ti West’s The Sacrament.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 22 - Feb 2) has added a programme of films focusing on “contemporary survival” to its thematic Signals section.

How to Survive… will feature 12 independent films from around the world range from Spanish survival horror La cueva (In Darkness We Fall) by Alfredo Montero to Jang Cheol-soo’s Korean spy thriller Secretly Greatly, and from Canadian internet found footage documentary Hoax_canular by Dominic Gagnon to Iranian apocalyptic visions in From Tehran to Heaven by Abolfazl Saffary.

It will also feature David Mackenzie’s British prison drama Starred Up, US director Ti West’s found footage horror The Sacrament, and White Bear, an episode from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series that aired in the UK.

In the How to Survive… Clinics, experts will teach visitors forgotten survival skills. In a workshop by Rotterdam-based Wild Vleesch, visitors can learn how to make goose and boar sausages, Woolfiller will show how to repair a woollen sweater, and others can learn how to defend themselves in a demonstration by former kick boxing world champion Khalid Chennouf.

How to Survive…  

  • #PostModem by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer (US)
  • App Sapiens by Ko Hyun-chang (South Korea)
  • Blutgletscher by Marvin Kren (Austria)
  • Canopy by Aaron Wilson (Australia)
  • La cueva by Alfredo Montero (Spain)
  • Fish and Cat by Shahram Mokri (Iran)
  • From Tehran to Heaven by Abolfazl Saffary (Iran, Germany)
  • Hoax_canular by Dominic Gagnon (Canada)
  • The Sacrament by Ti West (US)
  • Secretly Greatly by Jang Cheol-Soo (South Korea)
  • Starred Up by David Mackenzie (United Kingdom)
  • White Bear by Carl Tibbetts (United Kingdom)


  • Phire by eteam (US) located in Schouwburg, Shell Foyer 1st floor
  • How to Survive… Daily Life, various, web video installation, KlubKat, Kruisplein 151-153