Alec Baldwin

Source: Gage Skidmore / Wiki Commons

Alec Baldwin

Investigators into the death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins have issued a search warrant to inspect the contents of Alec Baldwin’s phone, according to reports on Thursday (December 16).

Baldwin has been cooperating with authorities in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since the tragedy occurred on the set of the western on October 21. The star, who is also one of the film’s producers, was practicing a gun draw when the Colt .45 in his hand discharged and hit Hutchins who was rushed to hospital and died later that day. Director Joel Souza was injured in the incident.

Detective Alexandria Hancock obtained the warrant after she had requested to see the phone and was told to get a warrant by Baldwin’s lawyers. They said on Thursday they were “confident” the evidence will show their client is not responsible civilly or criminally.

According to reports an affidavit in support of the warrant revealed detectives from Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office had also looked at Hutchins’ phone. Excerpts from Baldwin’s initial interview with investigators also emerged, revealing he had corresponded with armourer Hannah Gutierrez Reed about the types of guns and knives that would be used on set.

In a recent TV interview Baldwin told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said he did not expect to face criminal charges. He also claimed he did not pull the trigger and reiterated he did not believe the gun contained live ammunition after AD David Halls handed it to him and declared the weapon “cold”, indicating it did not contain live rounds.

At time of writing nobody has been charged. Crew members have filed two lawsuits against Baldwin, the producers and others. Baldwin said in the ABC interview that as a creative producer he was not involved in hiring crew or overseeing gun safety.

Last week Halls was subpoenaed to participate in an interview with New Mexico health and safety officers after his lawyers blocked previous interview requests.