Held For Ransom

Source: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Held For Ransom

Samuel Goldwyn Films announced has acquired from TrustNordisk US rights to hostage drama Held For Ransom aka Daniel directed by Niels Arden Oplev and Anders W. Berthelsen.

Anders Thomas Jensen adapted the screenplay from the novel by Puk Damsgaard about the true story of Danish photojournalist Daniel Rye who was held hostage for 398 days in Syria by Isis along with foreign nationals including American journalist James Foley.

The film follows Rye’s struggle to survive in captivity, his friendship with Foley, and the plight of the Rye family in Denmark as they try to save their son. Hostage negotiator Arthur plays a pivotal role in securing Rye’s release.

Esben Smed, Toby Kebbell, Sofie Torp, and Anders W. Berthelsen star. Morten Kaufmann and Signe Leick Jensen produced Held For Ransom for Toolbox Film.

Miles Fineburg negotiated on behalf of Samuel Goldwyn Films with Susan Wendt of TrustNordisk on behalf of the filmmakers.