This year’s forum will focus on the merger of culture with education, finance and technology.

Taking place June 15-19 during the Shanghai International Film Festival, the SIFForum has unveiled its 2014 topics.

This year’s edition will focus on the merger of culture and education, culture and finance, and culture and technology through 12 forums and two master classes.

Speakers include directors like Guan Jinpeng, Shunji Iwai and Zhao Fang and business leaders including Liu Chuning, president of Alibaba’s Digital Entertainment Business Group and Steve Ransohoff, CEO of Film Finance Company.

The full list of topics is as follows:

  • Financing Films with Domestic and International Resources         
  • The Future of Co-Production: Corporate Partnerships and New Opportunities   
  • Selling Chinese Films Internationally and Innovatively    
  • Creating a Sustainable Growth Environment For Young Filmmakers         
  • Completion Bond - Film Financial Products Local Application        
  • Pegasus Media – Sino-Foreign Co-screening Plans
  • Video Websites Reshaping the Film Industry 
  • Chinese Stories vs. Hollywood      
  • New Wave Forum— On Cinema & Film Circuit              
  • New Wave Forum—Integration of Internet Finance and Film Business
  • French Digital Innovation – New Opportunities for China’s Film Industry
  • Realism • Poeticism • Heroism   
  • Vancouver Shanghai Film Academy Master Class              
  • Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Master Class