Sierra/Affinity has boarded worldwide sales on Alcon Entertainment’s horror title Lullaby, a hot commercial prospect for EFM buyers directed by directed by genre veteran John R. Leonetti whose Annabelle grossed more than $250m at the worldwide box office.

Lullaby shot under strict Covid protocols in Toronto late last year and stars Oona Chaplin and Ramon Rodriguez in the story of a new mother who discovers a lullaby in an ancient book and soon regards the song as a blessing.

However the woman’s world transforms into a nightmare when the lullaby – Lilith-Abi, Hebrew for Lilith, Begone – summons the ancient demon Lilith. Alex Greenfield and Ben Powell co-wrote the screenplay.

Alcon Entertainment is fully financing the feature, and co-founders and co-CEO’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson produced alongside Envision Media Arts Lee Nelson and David Tish.

Alcon’s Carl Rogers and Scott Parish serve as executive producers, along with Heroes and Villains’ Markus Goerg, Mikhail Nayfeld, and Dick Hillenbrand, B3 Media’s Jeff Bowler, John Lewis and Bret Saxon, and Wonder Street’s Mark Holder.

The international market drove the bulk of Annabelle’s worldwide ticket sales when it launched in 2014, generating $174m.

Leonetti also directed Wish Upon and The Butterfly Effect 2 and has worked in the horror and tentpole sector for several decades. His cinematography credits include Insidious: Chapter 2, The Conjuring, The Scorpion King, and Piranha 3D.