Sikhya Entertainment is entering Indian and international distribution starting with Mozez Singh’s Busan opener Zubaan [pictured], which its plans to release in India in January 2016.

“After producing 20 plus films the next step is to get into distribution,” said Sikhya’s Guneet Monga, whose credits include The Lunchbox and Masaan. “We’re mapping out a new model that includes Indian theatrical and a mix of diaspora and non-diaspora international distribution.”

Sikhya is also launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise p&a funds for the Indian release of Shlok Sharma’s Haraamkhor, which recently won the Silver Gateway award in Mumbai Film Festival’s India Gold competition.

“We’ll announce the release date and work backwards – the campaign for p&a will double up as the marketing campaign for the film,” Sikhya’s Shaan Vyas told Screen.

Zubaan is currently playing at film festivals targeting the Punjabi community in North America and Sikhya is close to sealing a deal with an Australian distributor.

Monga also sees potential in Indian digital platforms. “Story-driven films are doing well in India, but it costs $1m to release a film so we have to create new models to recoup.”