16th edition, which runs July 19-August 7, also celebrates Jennifer Lynch with two special screenings, including world premiere of Chained [pictured].

The international premiere of Kern Saxton’s crime thriller Sushi Girl, starring Mark Hamill and Tony Todd, and the world premiere of Jennifer Lynch’s Chained, are among the first wave of titles announced for Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

Running July 19-August 7, the 16th edition of the festival will also feature an expanded documentary film line-up, including the world premiere of Eric Walter’s My Amityville Horror.

Other premieres taking place include the world premiere of Crave, the directorial debut of Ridley Scott collaborator Charles de Laurizika, and Paul Hough’s sci-fi thriller The Human Race, which features disabled performers in many of the lead roles, as well as Canadian premieres of horror anthology V/H/S and Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong.

Guests already confirmed include Jennifer Lynch, Mark Hamill, Tony Todd, Michael Biehn and Kern Saxton.

This year also sees the world premiere of travelling art exhibition If They Came From Within: An Alternative History of Canadian Horror Movies which teams up some of Canada and Quebec’s most celebrated genre filmmakers, including Jason Eisener and Vincenzo Natali, with some of the country’s best designers and illustrators to create a gallery of poster art for genre films that don’t exist. The exhibition will also feature original soundtrack recordings from Montreal musician Conrad Simon, and runs July 20-29 before embarking on a nationwide gallery tour.