Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds swept across the international arena in an initial sortie that reaped an estimated $27.5m through Universal/UPI.

Active in 2,630 venues in 22 territories, this was the director’s biggest international debut, some 33% bigger than that of Kill Bill Vol 2 and 50% bigger than Vol 1, paing the way for what could turn into a fine run given that there are 42 territories to go.

Combined with the director’s record $37.6m North American launch through The Weinstein Company, Inglourious Basterds ended up grossing $65.1m worldwide, ranking top and setting new career bests for Tarantino in Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Austria and Hong Kong, as well as in 11 others. 

The film opened in France on a superb $6.1m from 500 sites for 30% market share, took $5.8m from 441 in the UK for 22% share, and $4.3m from 443 in Germany for 26% share.

Australia produced $2.7m from 204 and 27% share, while Russia delivered $2.5m from 340 venues. Inglourious Basterds is scheduled to open next weekend in Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal, followed by Spain in September, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea in October, and Japan in November.

Public Enemiesadded $5.1m from 3,000 sites in 56 territories for an international running total of $85m. There are five territories to go for the gangster release including South Africa on September 4, Italy on November 6 and Japan on December 12.

Drag Me To Hell stands at $9.1m from six Universal markets and opened in Mexico in second place on $750,000 from 320 locations. Universal holds rights in 14 territories and will launch the horror film in its seven Latin American territories during September and October.

In its third weekend of release, Paramount/PPI’s GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobraraised its running total by $14m from 6,952 venues in 51 territories to $118m. The biggest contributions came from China, where the film grossed $1.9m from 990 sites for $14m, and South Korea, where it added $1.5m from 290 locations for $13m.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s G-Force added $9.1m from 2,508 screens in 22 territories for $54.4m, fired up by a $3.4m number one Russian launch from 325 sites and a $1m fourth weekend hold in the UK in 510 sites that raised the tally to $17.5m. G-Force grossed $2.5m from 1,500 screens in 13 Latin American markets for $24.7m in the region. It opened top in Hong Kong on $430,000 from 36 and top in Hungary on $361,000 from 34.

  • Up earned a further $8.7m from 2,237 sites in 19 territories and stands at $142.3m. The Pixar release added $2.9m in its fourth weekend in France from 710 theatres for $27.5m, which is more than the entire run of Wall-E, and looked like holding on to number one for the fourth consecutive weekend in Spain as $1.8m from 570 cinemas raised the tally there to $25.5m.

  • The Proposal continued to do great business and has reached $110m after a $4.2m gross from 2,410 theatres in 37 territories ensured it became the biggest Sandra Bullock release overseas. The romantic comedy opened in Singapore on $540,000 from 30 theatres and has taken $18.6m in Germany and $18.2m in the UK.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s comedy The Hangover plundered a further $7m from more than 3,100 screens in 52 territories for $148.5m overseas and a worldwide tally of $416.8m.

Key drivers were a number one $1m launch in Brazil on 200 screens and a $1m second weekend hold in Mexico from 550 screens that enabled The Hangover to hold on to its top berth and reach $3.6m.

After two weekends it stands at $4.1m in Spain and has already reached $35.5m in the UK, $16.9m in Australia, $15.3m in Germany, $14.1m in France, $5.3m in Italy, a final $5.2m tally in Russia, and $4.5m in Holland.

The Hogwarts bandwagon has grossed $78m in the UK, $77m in Japan, $58.6m in Japan, $50.2m in France, $31.2m in Australia, $26.6m in Italy, $24.1m in China, $21.3m in Mexico, $19.5m in Spain, $18.4m in Brazil, and $18m in Russia. The film opens in Greece this week.

  • In its eighth weekend in release, Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaursadded $6.4m from for a truly mammoth $615m running total. Italy is the final territory ands opens next weekend.

  • Night at the Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian held on to number one in Japan where $1.9m raised the tally to $14m. Internationally the film has amassed $228m. Aliens In The Attic stands at $10m, while produced a $1.1m launch in Japan from 239 screens that raised Fox’s international tally to $44.7m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) reported a $3.4m weekend haul for District 9through all distributors from 755 screens in nine markets that raised the overall tally including revenue from non-SPRI markets to an early $14.1m. In second weekend holds, the sci-fi action tale added $1.5m from 453 screens in Russia for $8.1m, $1.2m in Australia from 178 for $3.8m, and $270,000 in New Zealand from 50 for $820,000.

  • The Ugly Truth added $2.4m from 725 screens in seven markets for $17.3m and has taken $7.7m in Australia and $8.9m in the UK, both after three weekends.
  • The Taking Of Pelham 123 stands at $36.5m, while Bruno has taken $6.7m from SPRI markets.