Spanish producer to make 25 feature films and TV series over the next three years.

Spanish media giant Telefónica has unveiled global ambitions for production outfit Telefónica Studios.

The brand will handle all the projects produced by the company, which over the next three years will involve 25 high-quality feature films and several television series.

Telefónica Studios, launched during the San Sebastian Film Festival, stated its intention to establish itself as a significant player in the international market, a source of top-quality projects first in Europe and Latin America and later also in the English-speaking markets.

Currently, Telefónica Studios generates an output of between ten and 12 films a year.

In the last five years, three divisions of Telefónica have produced films and TV series: Telefé, Telefónica Producciones Media Networks and Telefónica España.

Among these projects were The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de sus ojos), The Adventures of Thaddeus Jones (Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones) and Chinese Takeaway (Un cuento chino), which have been released in nearly 50 countries with over 14 million tickets sold worldwide and awards including an Oscar.

A statement from the company said it has “no desire to limit its contributions to established film-makers and will continue taking on projects by first-time directors and the second and third projects of young directors.”

Upcoming features include Futbolín, Corazón de León, Séptimo, Wakolda, Grand Piano, Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, The Food Guide to Love, El misterio de la felicidad, Betibú, A Night in Old Mexico, Relatos Salvajes and El ardor.