TIFFCOM 2013, which runs during the Tokyo International Film Festival, has revealed its CoPro Connection line-up including projects from Sabu and Nicolas Winding Refn.

Comprising 20 projects from 12 countries, the co-production event will run Oct 22-24 in TIFFCOM’s Odaiba venue.

In cooperation with the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), CoPro Connection has invited five Korean filmmakers with Korea-Japan co-production projects. These include Shobu, to be directed by Ki-hwan Oh, whose Korea-China co-produced romantic comedy A Wedding Invitation was a recent hit in China.

TIFFCOM’s CoPro and Atelier du Cinema Europeen (ACE) will jointly hold the ACE Co-production Lab in Japan for the five Japanese and six European projects in the selection. These include Japanese writer/director/actor Sabu’s cross-media project Ten No Chasuke (working title) and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Japan-set project, The Avenging Silence.

Project and event details will be available later this month on the TIFFCOM website.

Full CoPro Connection line-up

Japanese Projects


  • All About Fighting (working title)
    Tetsuya MARIKO, Yoshitaka ISHIZUKA
  • Ten No Chasuke (working title)
    Sabu, Bong Ryong Lee               
  • Vintage
    TBD, Koichi MURAKAMI      
  • Where Wolves Fear to Prey
    Jason Gray, Eiko Mizuno Gray
  • Where The Peacock Fly
    Hirofumi Kawaguchi, Misa Kimura     

European Projects


  • 36 views, Mount Fuji Revisited
    Pieter-Rim De Kroon, Annemiek Van Der Hell (Netherlands)
  • The Avenging Silence
    Nicolas Winding Refn, Lene Borglum (Denmark)
  • A Borrowed Life
    Kit Hui, Isabelle Glachant (France)
  • Heidi
    Alain Gsponer, Reto Schaeri & Uli Putz (Swi-Ger)
  • Magnitude 9
    Agnieszka Vosloo, Anna Rozalska (Poland)
  • The Secret of Hiroshi Amano
    Jeanne Labrune, Catherine Dussart (France)

Korean Projects


  • Amour
    Jae-eun Jeong, Eun-kyoung Lee
  • Fantasia
    Kun-jae Jang, Kun-jae Jang 
  • Finland Papa
    TBD, Andy Yoon              
  • The Ghost of Oksu Station 3D
    Tsutomu Hanabusa, Tae-hyung Kim     
  • Shobu
    Ki-hwan Oh, Gyeong-hee Lee

Rest-of-the-World Projects


  • Hanalei Bay
    Motoki Ishida, Jason Lau (US)
  • I Wanna Go With The Wind
    Fang Song, Fang Song (China)
  • The Star Beast
    TBD, Vince Gerardis (US)
  • The White Girl
    Jenny Suen & Christopher Doyle, Jenny Suen (Hong Kong)