Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s first English-language movie Louder than Bombs, is back on track.

The $10.4m (NOK 62 million) production, starring French actress Isabelle Huppert and Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, will begin shooting in New York this September, according to Norwegian producer Sigve Endresen, of Oslo-based Motlys. UTA represents US rights.

Last year Endresen had to postpone the project indefinitely, because he had failed to provide the full financing of the Norwegian-Danish-French-German-US co-production, which was due to shoot from September 25. “However, we are confident it will be realised in the near future,” he said at the time.

In February, French-German TV-network Arte’s cinema division joined as co-producer, and last week (April 25) the Norwegian Film Institute confirmed that its original $2.2m (NOK 13.3 million) funding support, which had lapsed by the postponement, was renewed for the upcoming production.

According to Endresen, who will produce the film with Thomas Robsahm and Joshua Strachan, it is uncertain whether US actor Jesse Eisenberg will be available – he was in the original cast, but is about to feature in Batman vs. Superman. He expected to announce more news during Cannes.

Scripted by Trier with Eskil Voigt, Louder than Bombs is the story of a famous war photographer, who is killed in a car accident, leaving behind husband and two sons. Three years after her death the eldest son comes home for an exhibition of her photography, when they discover an unsettling secret from her past.