Plus: CE+S wins first contract to instal Dolby Atmos in Colombia

The National Association Of Theatre Owners on Wednesday revealed that the average cost of going to the cinema in the first quarter of the year in the US climbed 5.4%.

Q1 2016 tickets prices increased to $8.58 from $8.12 for the same period a year ago.

Meanwhile the average price over 2015 amounted to $8.43 and the cost in Q4 2015 reached $8.70. 

  • Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S) has been selection by Cinemas Procinal to become the first company to design and implement Dolby Atmos in a Colombian theatre.
  • Malibu-based Fortune Features plans to adapt classic plays for the virtual reality market. The company is securing funding to produce Mozart & Salieri in Virtual Reality into 180-degree VR. The film is based on a play by Alexander Pushkin about the poisoning of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by his old friend Antonio Salieri. Fortune Features hopes to adapt Shakespeare and Chekhov in the future and, separately, is in pre-production on supernatural thriller, Mortiferous.