As the Latin American film market came to a close in Buenos Aires at the weekend (December 5), market organisers unveiled a number of award winners.


Primer Corte honours went to Luis Zorraquín’s Guaraní (Paraguay-Argentina) for the European Vision Award, while Clever from Uruguay’s Federico Borgia and Guillermo Madeiro won the Haciendo Cine Awards.

Clever also took honours from the Habanero Company jury in the LatAm Vision Awards section as California (Brazil) by Marina Person won the prize from the Wild Fox and Assimilate juries.

California also prevailed in the INCAA TV Award and the Primer Corte Variety Award.


Turning to the Blood Window programme, the Beyond The Window section saw Daniel de la Vega’s Punto Muerto win the Divicom Rental award and Habana Territorio de Vampiros by Carlos Lechuga win the Roma Lazio Film Commission prize.

Two films have been invited to take part in the Fantastic Fest’s Fantastic Market in Austin: Ramiro Garcia Bogliano’s Endemoniados and Armando Fonseca and Raphael Borghi’s Desalmados.

In the Premios BWIP (Bloody Works In Progress) strand, Isaac Ezban’s Los Parecidos took the Wild Fox and Assimilate prize and Diego Cohen’s Luna de Miel secured a sales agency deal with Habanero and won the Roma Lazio Film Commission prize.

Santiago Fernandez Calvetes’ Testigo Intimo took the Mr. Music & Mr Films award, Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s Scherzo Diabolico took the Morbido Film Festival award for Mexican distribution and Ezban’s Los Parecidos earned the Morbido Film festival and Kafer award.

Ventana Sur ran from December 1-5.