Withoutabox co-founders David Straus, Joe Neulight and Fred Kramer have launched Los Angeles-based Critical Mass Studios.

The rights tracking company has acquired rights tracker Rob Delf’s RightslineSoftware and aims to streamline how companies distribute content.

“Critical Mass Studios is building a new ecosystem around the frictionless management of rights,” said CEO Straus. “Content is being distributed globally on every imaginable platform. Owners must not only have visibility throughout their entire library, but also be able to track and deliver instantly on all kinds of new deals.

“Those who don’t institute a forward-looking system to monetise and track effectively in the new world of distribution will leave tremendous amounts of money on the table.”

“RightsLine software sits at the core of the Critical Mass Studios mission, said Delf, the RightsLine CEO who serves as CMS president. “We’re going to be announcing some very exciting deals this year.

“We intend to be among the few enterprises that will emerge at the centre of the value chain for rights, serving as the nexus whereby rights holders, licensors, distributors, promoters and brands will communicate and transact.“