Footballer Ronaldo due to walk the ‘green carpet’ at the Zurich Film Festival later this month; New World View opening film named as Brazilian Western.

The Zurich Film Festival, which runs from Sept 26 to Oct 6, has named the guest country for its 9th edition as Brazil.

This year’s New World View programme category will include nine films from a “cross-section of current film-makers” in Brazil.

With the World Cup Final taking place in Brazil next year, ZFF has formed a partnership with FIFA. The opening of the New World View section on Sept 28 be attended by footballer Ronaldo as an ambassador of his country.

Presented to the ZFF audience by director René Sampaio, the young Brazilian shooting star Fabricio Boliveira and producer Marcello Maia, Brazilian Western (Faroeste Caboclo) will kick off proceedings.

New World View titles

Domėstica / Housemaids
Gabriel Mascaro asked seven youths to follow their nannies with a video camera. His compilation of the material highlights the complex relationship between the nannies, their employers and the children in their care. A working environment where intimacy and distance are constantly at odds with each other.

Cores / Colors
They’re poor, they’re cool, they’re friends. Laura, Luiz and Luca expect nothing of the future, but style is everything to them. And they have more than enough of that! Francisco Garcia’s atmospherically dense snapshot of a milieu that feels nothing of the officially heralded economic upturn.

When heavily pregnant Karine loses her husband to a violent crime, she turns to the „Church of Eden“ – but this free church has such a high price that she decides to take her destiny back into her own hands. Bruno Safadi’s virtuoso portrait of an emancipating young woman.

 Era Uma Vez Eu, Verônica / Once Upon A Time Was I, Verônica
The attractive doctor Verônica is dedicated to caring for her ill father, who wishes for nothing more than to see his daughter in a stable relationship before he dies. But the more Verônica tries to find love, the more elusive is becomes. The character study of a woman searching for happiness.

Faroeste Caboclo / Brazilian Western
João wants to try his luck in Brazil, but family links soon drag him into the world of drugs. Escaping unscathed is easier said than done. René Sampaio’s extraordinary western skilfully implements the classical elements of this genre in the context of Brazilian culture.

Celebrated and honoured like Pelé, Heleno de Freitas was the first great star of Brazilian football. But this quick-tempered genius, who vied for attention both on and off the field, stood in his own way. In his biopic, Henrique Fonseca reconstructs this tragic footballer’s life.

O Palhaço / The Clown
Clown Benjamin has had enough of his restless life under the circus tent. With birth certificate in hand, he sets out in search of a wife, a permanent home – and a ventilator. A heart-warming portrait from the hand of comedian and director Selton Mello.

O Som Ao Redor / Neighbouring Sounds
Life in a middle-class residential area in Recife changes dramatically as a private security firm puts and end to nocturnal criminal activity. But the fear remains – and not without reason. Kleber Mendonça Filho’s feature debut is a thriller touched with poetry.

Cidade Cinza / Grey City
São Paulo’s monotonous grey façades inspired the local art scene, and became the source of a now internationally recognised graffiti culture. But the city authorities remained persistent in its management of public spaces and ordered the works of such creatives as OsGemeos and Nunca to be over painted in grey – a decision that triggered a broad debate.