Here in Cannes, film-maker Mary McGuckian has launched a new online network,, for online film premieres.

The secure site has been developed during the last year, designed by film-makers for film-makers. is now accepting online submissions from all industry sources, directly from film-makers, their representatives, sales agents or traditional distributors. The site will go lives to consumers after the initial slate is set.

The site's creators are looking for a range of content for first-run films to be hosted online with online and offline promotion.

'Again and again, a title can be overlooked because of its language, budget or perceived culturally specific or edgy content,' said MJ Peckos, curator of content and theatrical campaign consultant. 'We wanted to create an exceptionally interactive space for film lovers worldwide where international independent film releases could be easily accessed as and when the viewer so chooses.'

moviePol's McGuckian, who has directed Rag Tale and Intervention, said: 'The beauty of moviePol is that it can distribute its films in any number of territories as licensed at a fraction of the cost of other distribution media.'

The site will stream (using Vividas technology) secure pay-per-view DVD-quality films without advertising.

The site won't aim to replace traditional distribution, only augment it. 'Online cinema is not a threat to traditional revenue streams, but rather yet another potentially mutually supportive medium to the ever growing movie audiences worldwide,' McGuckian said.

The company will base its offerings on opening-weekend performance, as in the traditional theatrical world. Openings will include premiere invitations, media previews, and audience reviews and ratings.

moviePol said franchised ventures might follow for specific language preferences and genre fans. moviePol may also start a digital film production slate to provide exclusive content to the site.