Ex-Trainspotting hardman and former Bond villain RobertCarlyle is to star as Cupid in a new romantic comedy, Quiver, being set up by London-based First Foot Films. Frenchactress Virginie Ledoyen (The Beach) will play the woman whobreaks his heart. Also in the cast is James McAvoy.Scripted by Liam Gavin, Quiver is a contemporaryreworking of the Cupid myth. The producers are Peter La Terriereand Tim Dennison. Shooting will begin next year.

La Terriere(recently the UK co-producer on Terrence Malick's New

World) has several other projects in advanceddevelopment. Together with Tim Dennison and Ed Pressman, he is to produce SimonHunter's 23rd Century sci-fi epic, Mutant Chronicles, based on the game of thesame name. Thomas Janes is attached to the film, dueto go into pre-production early next year. He is also producing Unnatural Murder, to be directed byCharles McDougall.

Meanwhile, La Terriereand Dennison (partners in First Foot Films) are pushing their ghost story, Wraith, to be directed bycinematographer Mike Southon and to star Kevin Zeegers. First Foot Films recently brought on boarddirector Mark Pellington (best known for Arlington Road) to direct its Affection. The company is developingcomic projects with Graham Linehan (of Father Ted fame) and Adam Long (from theReduced Shakespeare Company) as well as sourcing new horror projects for Evil Aliens director Jake West.

La Terrierewas recently selected for PASSPORT, a new scheme sponsored by Film London for promoting London based film producers.