French animated feature Princess Of The Sun is to receive its world premiere tomorrow at a special outdoor screening in Egypt, at the bottom of the pyramids of Giza. This is the first time the Egyptian Government has sanctioned such a screening.

The Egyptian premiere is the brainchild of French producer Rezo Film and ambitious Egyptian media group, Good News Group. The event will start with a giant outdoor screening of the film for 1,000 guests. This will also be a live performance of music from Didier Lockwood, composer of the film's score.

Following its pyramid premiere, Princess Of The Sun will be released in France in early April on 300 prints.

Directed by Philippe Leclerc, Princess is the first animated adaptation of a novel by best-selling author Christian Jacq. The film recounts the youth of Tutankhamun and his future wife, the Queen of Egypt, Akhesa, daughter of Nefertiti and of the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

In advance of the Egyptian premiere, Princess has already sold widely. Rezo has closed deals in 15 territories and will also screen the film for buyers next week at Hong Kong 's Filmart.

It will receive a six-print release in Egypt. 'This is the biggest release of a French film in Egypt,' said Rezo's Laurent Danielou. 'It is one more print than it was for Harry Potter last year!'