The studio is fast-tracking the Boston Marathon Bombing thriller and possible Mark Wahlberg star vehicle that pits it against Fox’s rival project Boston Strong.

Patriots’ Day will use research and footage from a 13-minute segment that ran on CBS Films corporate sibling 60 Minutes shortly after the terror attack on April 15 2013 that left three people dead and more than 260 injured.

Scott Stuber, Wahlberg, Dylan Clark, Stephen Levinson and 60 Minutes producer and 60 Minutes Productions head Michael Radutzky will produce the story based on the first-hand account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Patriots’ Day is being conceived as a thriller and will cover the bomb attacks and ensuing manhunt that led to the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the arrest of his besieged brother Dzhokhar five days later in the Greater Boston Area city of Watertown.

Matt Charman, who wrote the upcoming Steven Spielberg thriller Bridge Of Spies, is writing the screenplay and Nicholas Nesbitt will serve as executive producer.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev stands trial on 30 counts including using a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public place and malicious destruction of property resulting in death.

Tsarnaev’s defence team rested its case on Tuesday. The defendant has pleaded not guilty to all counts and could face the death penalty.