Data compiled by the Boston Consulting Group reveals strong growth over the last decade as filmed entertainment in the city generated direct spending of $7.1bn in 2011, marking a rise of more than $2bn annually since 2002.

The study revealed that film and television currently employ in the region of 130,000 people, an increase of 30,000 jobs since 2004.

“This report confirms what I’ve been seeing on sets and soundstages around the city – the film and television industry in New York City has never been bigger,” said New York City Mayor Bloomberg, who announced the findings with media and entertainment commissioner Katherine Oliver on Tuesday (8).

“In fact, our entire media landscape – from digital media to advertising – has shown strong growth throughout the economic downturn. The strength of these industries is a key reason we’ve weathered the recession better than the rest of the country – and it is confirmation that our strategy to diversify our economy is working.”