Vancouver-based visual effects company GFZ Group has won a contract to act as lead visual effects and post-production house on the China-US action thriller Switch.

China Film Group, Pegasus International, Media Asia and Phoenix TV are producing Switch, to star Andy Lau as an Interpol agent in pursuit of international art smugglers. The producers are targeting global release in mid-to-late 20133.

GFZ Group president Geoffery Antony serves as the film’s overall effects supervisor and alongside Steven Adams and Anthony Cauchy leads the teams based in China and Canada.

“Switch is the most anticipated Chinese-language feature of 2012 and we are very excited to be the lead VFX and post-production house on the project,” Antony said.

“Working with Director Jay Sun and his production team is a great experience: they give us a huge amount of creative freedom and trust us to supervise the production of 1,200 VFX shots. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding when the director is happy with what he is seeing.”