The Ontario Media Development Corporation announced that 41 projects have been accepted for the sixth annual International Financing Forum (IFF), set to take place during the Toronto International Film Festival from Sept 11-12.

Ken Loach, Cedric Kahn, Clement Virgo, Leon Ford and Cherien Dabis are among those whose projects will participate in a series of workshops and meetings during the co-financing market, which overall includes work from 20 Canadian producers and 21 of their international counterparts.

It is estimated that 30-35 industry executives from various companies will attend, including representatives from Bankside, Bavaria Films, Blue Ice Film, eOne, ICM, Film 4, Participant Media, Pathé, Match Factory and Trust Nordisk.

Among the international projects are: Cassy and Jude from producer Sam Taylor and director Dominic Murphy (UK); Homing Pigeons from producers Jahnu Barua and BVP Rao and director Jahnu Barua (India); May In TheSummer from producer and director Cherien Dabis (US); Story Of A Simple Man from producer Kristina Larsen and director Cédric Kahn (France); Leon Ford’s Mechanicals produced by Nicole O’Donohue (Australia); and an untitled Ken Loach project (a documentary) produced by Kate Ogborn (UK).

Canadian Projects Selected for IFF 2011 include: Matt Bissonnette’s Summerteeth produced by Corey Marr; Kari Skogland’s drama Prisoner of Tehran produced by Scott Garvie & Patrick Cassavetti; Ali Baba And The 40 Theives 3D from producer Byron A Martin and director Izidore K Musallam; The Book Of Negroes from producer Damon D’Oliveria and director Clement Virgo; and Replay from producer Kevin DeWalt and director Rainer Matsutani.