Adriana Chiesa has confirmed that Spanish remakes are in the offing for its Italian smash hit series of romantic comedies, Sorry If I Love You,  Sorry I Want To Marry You and Amore 14.

The Federico Moccia books on which the films are based have been huge best sellers in Spain.

Chiesa has already sold the films to Spain to Barcelona-based independent distributor Savor who released the films through their Emon brand. Now, Savor is in negotiations to buy the remake the rights.

“They (Savor) -  given the success of the films - would like to buy the remake rights and do these three films in Spain with a Spanish director and Spanish cast, together always with the collaboration of the author, Federico Moccia, and with my participation,” Chiesa explained.

If the remakes do go ahead, Chiesa will be in prime position to handle international sales on the Spanish films too.

Sorry If I Love You, directed by  Moccia, was a box-office phenomenon, making $25 million in Italy.