All six of the US majors have now signed up for the industry certificate launched by the Producers Guild Of America.

Paramount, Disney and Warner Bros signed on this week, joining previous signatories Columbia and Screen Gems from the Sony fold, as well as Fox and Universal. 

The certification process is designed to establish who performed the bulk of producing work on a film while also establishing an authentic seal of approval.

Producers recognised by the Producers Mark will have their name followed by “p.g.a.” According to the PGA more than 50 films already bear the “p.g.a.” certification ranging from independent and animated films to studio tentpoles.

“We are extremely gratified and proud that the Guild has come so far with this important initiative, and we applaud both our studio and industry colleagues for their support,” said PGA presidents Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch (on leave).

“We also thank our board and past PGA presidents Marshall Herskovitz and Kathleen Kennedy, and the incredible contributions of our National Executive Director, Vance Van Petten.”

Koch will re-join Gordon as co-president of the PGA on Jul 30 when his term as president of the Academy expires.

The Producers Mark certifies authenticity and not PGA membership. A producer need not be a member of the PGA to be eligible for certification.

The Producers Mark is given only to producers who request it and are certified through the PGA’s process, and may be used only with respect to the film for which the certification was given. At present, the Producers Mark certification program does not include television or new media productions.

Studios can continue to recognise other individuals with the “Produced by” credit as they deem appropriate, even if such producers have not sought, or have been denied, permission to use the certification mark.