Cargo Entertainment has attached Tod “Kip” Williams to direct John Cusack in the Stephen King adaptation Cell. Mark Lindsay is presenting the project to buyers  company handles international pre-sales while Paradigm represents US rights.

Williams previously directed the $175m global hit Paranormal Activity 2.

King and The Last House On The Left writer Adam Alleca adapted Cell, which centres on a graphic artist who struggles to reach his wife and son in the aftermath of a devastating pulse transmitted through a mobile phone network.

Production is set to start in May. Richard Saperstein, Brian Witten and Shara Kay will produce. As president of Dimension Films Saperstein oversaw the $130m-plus global hit 1408 and The Mist.

“Tod is a dynamic filmmaker whose work has been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful,” said Cargo CEO, Marina Grasic. “He brings a unique and exciting vision to Cell that will appeal to audiences worldwide.”