EXCLUSIVE: Momentum, Mediawidth Classics take rights for UK, Germany, respectively; original posts strong DVD sales.

UK production outfit Chata Pictures begins principal photography on sequel White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away on August 6 in Spain.

Paul Tanter (The Hooligan Wars, Jack Falls) once again writes and directs with returning cast including Nick Nevern (Riot) and Simon Phillips (Once Upon A Time In Essex).

The sequel to White Collar Hooligan, which in the UK has sold 20,000 units in three weeks, sees Mike Jacobs (Nevern) dragged from a witness protection programme back into a nightmare world of theft, violence and murder.

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UK rights have been acquired by Momentum Pictures again, in a deal negotiated by Momentum’s Robert Walak and Chata’s Jonathan Sothcott, whileGerman rights have also been acquired by the first film’s distributor in that territory, Mediawidth Classics, in a deal negotiated by Chata’s Simon Phillips and Mediawidth’s Alain Wildberger.

Sothcott commented: “The first film naturally pointed to a sequel, with a number of loose ends not tied up and the DVD numbers here more than justify another outing for Mike Jacobs, Eddie Hill and the rest of the White Collar Hooligans. You can expect a harder, darker film this time with bigger stakes and a lot more high-impact screen violence.”

Other forthcoming Chata productions include hooligan/horror crossover Berserkers, urban family film Street Soccer and an as yet untitled Kray twins project.

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