Korea's Taewon Entertainment took advantage of the firstday of the Asian Film Market to promote its upcoming project Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon.

MaggieQ has joined Andy Lau in the cast of the epic actioner, which Taewon isco-producing with Hong Kong's Visualizer Film Production.

Recently featured in Mission: Impossible3, Q is currently in the midst ofshooting Live Free Or Die Hard in Canada. She was in Busan today to join co-star Lau - whoreceived Pusan's Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award on Friday -onstage with director Daniel Lee (DragonSquad) and martial arts choreographer Sammo Hung (Ashes Of Time) in presenting the film to media and buyers.

Produced by TaeWon Chung,head of Taewon Entertainment, and Susanna Tsang, head of Visualizer, the filmis to go into production this coming March, aiming for a release at the end of2007.

Budgeted at $20m - $25m, thefilm is based on the classic Chinese novel RomanceOf The Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong more than 600 years ago.

Although the novel is hasinspired several manga, films and video games, Three Kingdoms - Resurrection Of The Dragon will concentrate on thestory of Zhao Zilong, usually seen as a minor character in the epic tale ofwarring states.

Taewon Entertainment, whichformerly produced The Shadowless Swordwith New Line Entertainment, is to handle distribution in Korea and is shopping around for an international salesagent to handle worldwide rights excluding Asia.

Hong Kong distributor Golden Scene is set to handle the film inAsia outside of Korea. "We're thinking of an early 2008 release," says GoldenScene managing director Winnie Tsang.