A film critic for more than 55 years and Screen International’s critic-at-large, Dan has written for the title since 2001. Honorary vice-president of Fipresci, he is editor of Israel’s film magazine Cinematheque.

dan fainaru

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Top Five

journey to the shore

  1. Journey To The Shore
    Kiyoshi Kurosawa

    A tale of departed spirits who come back to earth to fix the business they have left unfinished in their terrestrial life. This unpredictably gentle, moving, intimate, lovingly observational work from a film-maker usually associated with the eerier, more threatening aspects of humanity, is like a breath of fresh air in the polluted atmosphere of our times. Who but a Japanese director would be capable of such a calm, comforting perception of the world? A realistic ghost story — if such a thing is at all possible — where revenants and the living look just the same, this may be too whimsical and restrained a statement for Kurosawa’s regular customers. But taken at face value, without prejudice, Journey To The Shore could easily gain him a whole new set of followers.

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  2. My Golden Years
    Arnaud Desplechin
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  3. Our Little Sister
    Hirokazu Kore-eda
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  4. Taxi Tehran
    Jafar Panahi
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  5. The Assassin
    Hou Hsiao-hsien
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Best Documentary


Kent Jones

Jones’ film is pure delight for cinema lovers, using the original sound tapes and photo material from the iconic Hitchcock/Truffaut interview book, adding well-judged clips from Hitchcock’s movies and topping it all with contributions from some of the most illustrious film-makers of our time who discuss enthusiastically Hitchcock’s impact on their work.

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Best UK Film

Sunset Song
Terence Davies

Rarely has an adaptation of a classic novel managed to transmit so faithfully not just the plot and its characters but the spirit and the whole weight of tiny details, which are so often absent in even the most elaborate transitions to the screen.

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Undiscovered Gem

As I Open My Eyes

As I Open My Eyes
Leyla Bouzid

Bouzid’s debut offers a glimpse into an Arab world eroded by corruption, tied down by old-fashioned customs and traditions, and ready to rebel against dictators and their hordes of lackeys. All this through the eyes of a vibrant 18-year-old Tunisian girl, who is on course to learn some disturbing facts of life the hard way.

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