The International Film Festival Rotterdam has announced two of the themed programmes for the Signals section.

The first is Red Westerns, devoted to Soviet and Eastern European Westerns from 1924 to 1980.

The programme, which was curated by IFFR’s Ludmila Cvikova and Russian film critic Sergei Lavrentyev, will also screen in 2011 in Gothenburg, Crossing Europe in Linz, Era New Horizons in Wroclaw and Bratislava.

The 15-film selection will include titles such as Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in a Bolshevik’s Land, No One Wanted To Die (Niekas nenorejo mirti), and The Sons of Great Mother Bear (Die Söhne des großen Bärin). Moscow’s Mosfilm Studios has made new, English-subtitled prints from five of the films in the selection.

The second is Out of Fashion, exploring the increasing interaction between the fashion world and independent film.

This series, programmed by IFFR’s Inge de Leeuw, will include recent films and video art such as First Spring by Yang Fudong (for Prada); Wonderwood by the Quay Brothers (for Comme des Garcons); and documentary Pyuupiru 2001-2008 by Daishi Matsunaga.

Another Signals programme at IFFR 2011 will be Raiding Africa, about Chinese-African relations.

IFFR’s 40th edition will run Jan 26-Feb 6 and the full festival programme will be announced Jan 20, 2011.