radiography still 2 courtesy of Antipode Films

Source: Antipode Films

Radiography Of A Family

As part of our 2021-22 FYC Awards Screening programme, focused on the awards race, Screen is hosting an online screening of Firouzeh Khosrovani’s feature documentary Radiograph Of A Family on November 29. 

The film premiered at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) in 2020, winning best feature-length documentary, the festival’s top award. A Norway-Iran-Switzerland co-production, Radiograph Of A Family is Khosrovani’s take on growing up in Tehran and her parents’ relationship – her father a secular progressive and her mother a devout, traditional Muslim. The film also reflects on the conflicts raging within Iranian society in the run-up to and aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Watch the trailer for Radiograph Of A Family below.