Sony Pictures is making a comeback to the production of German-language feature films after acquiring the film rights to Tommy Jaud's bestselling second novel Resturlaub.

The comedy about a German brewery manager's dream of beginning a new life at the other end of the world in Argentina has already sold more than 600,000 copies, with the hardcover edition in the top 20 for 50 weeks in the Der Spiegel bestseller list and the paperback also in the Top 20 list for the past 22 weeks.

According to Sony Pictures Film und Fernseh Produktions GmbH (SPFFP), Jaud will begin work on adapting his novel for the cinema in the coming winter months and the film would be shot at original locations in Germany's Franconia [northern Bavaria] and Argentina next year.

The German arm of Sony Pictures Releasing is then expected to release Resturlaub in autumn/winter 2009.

This foray into feature production by the Cologne-based outfit, which has concentrated on series and TV movies such as Alles Atze, Post Mortem and Das Buero for German television, comes four years after Sony's previous feature film production division Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion (DCPF) was closed down in March 2003 after six years of operations.

At the time, SPE chairman and CEO John Calley had explained the closure 'due to the difficulties of the media market and the downward box-office trends in Germany.'