Story of Racheltjie De Beer being brought to big screen.

South African director Brett Michael Innes [pictured] is planning the first feature film to be shot in both English and Afrikaans, with two separate films being made.

The project is in pre-production now.

The film is about the story of Racheltjie De Beer, a young girl who got lost with her younger brother during a snowstorm and used her body to shelter him from the cold. The feature will showcase the lives of the Voortrekkers living in Van Reenen’s Pass during the 1800s.

“This story is a national treasure, an Afrikaans story for all South Africans. A story that used to be told around camp fires and in classrooms and now needs to be given the added voice of cinema before it is forgotten” Innes said.

The movie is set to shoot in 2013 and Innes is now pulling together the financing. Innes notes that the two versions of the film will be identical except for the language.