Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group (SPWAG) has acquired most international rights from Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park International to Machete, written and co-directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Hyde Park International had closed several deals on the action title at Toronto before Mimi Steinbauer negotiated the deal with SPWAG’s vice-president of acquisitions and productions Scott Shooman, vice-president of business affairs Dan Primozic and director of acquisitions Lia Buman.

Machete is the feature-length version of the trailer that originally appeared in Rodriguez’s and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double bill and stars Danny Trejo as a former Mexican law enforcement officer who seeks revenge on the men who betrayed him.

Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez and Rose McGowan also star and Rodriguez co-directed with Ethan Maniquis. 

“We’re very excited about the film and about working with one of the industry’s most original action film-makers,” SPWAG’s senior executive vice-president Adrian Alperovich said. “Everyone at Sony loved working with him on The Mexico Trilogy (El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico), and we look forward to another successful experience.”

“Machete is pure entertainment thanks to both Robert Rodriguez’ signature brand of action and humour as well as the performance of an outstanding cast,” Hyde Park International’s president Steinbauer said. “Additionally, we are delighted with our deal with SPWAG, which will insure the best possible distribution for our film internationally.”