PRODUCER: Producer Richard Holmes hired Farhana Bhula on Amit Gupta’s Jadoo while she was working at Google but looking for a break into film (she’d helped set up the Watersprite festival for student films while at Cambridge University).

farhana bhula

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It didn’t take her long to get an associate producer credit on Jadoo, or learn how to set up an enterprise-investment-scheme-financed film — knowledge she used on a smaller scale for her first feature as producer, the micro-budget Bonobo starring James Norton (frequently unclothed).

Directed by Matthew Hammett Knott, with whom Bhula is developing a feature based on the friendship between Prince Charles and his bodyguard in Cambridge during the 1960s, Bonobo premiered at Raindance and has gone on to tour the international LGBT circuit.

In 2013, Bhula moved to Endor Productions where she’s now working for Hilary Bevan Jones on several projects.

They range from Kelly Marcel’s Brit-list script Mr Chartwell, which personalises Winston Churchill’s depression as a giant black dog, to The Indian Job, directed by The Bengali Detective’s Philip Cox, about two brothers who decide to rob a bank in India, and Strays, involving a gay couple who decide to get married but are forced into a parental role.

Born in Gloucester, Bhula is still “working on my smaller projects” at Endor, which include Truck, a BFI and Creative England-funded short from writer/director Rob Curry and Anthony Fletcher which, it is hoped, will become a feature.

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