Dolby and Regal Entertainment Group will announce on Friday morning [14] that the exhibitor has installed Dolby Atmos in 20 of its large-screen RPX: Regal Premium Experience theatres in time for the launch of Man Of Steel.

The development follows recent announcements by SPI Cinema in India and China’s Wanda Cinemaline Corporation and means the number of Atmos installations is closing in on 200 worldwide.

The surge has resulted in a fivefold global deployment increase from six months ago.

SPI Cinemas executives said recently they would instal Dolby Atmos in 37 screens in theatres in Chennai and Coimbatore, while China’s largest chain Wanda Cinemaline Corporation top brass said the company would deploy Dolby Atmos as the standard audio system for its giant screen, X-Land. F

Nearly 45 films have been released with Dolby Atmos since the first, Brave, in June 2012.