Veteran producer Konstantin Thoeren is to be appointed as CEO of IM Internationalmedia to join CFO Sascha Konzack who had been managing the company alone since the resignation of Martin Schuermann from the post of CEO in July.

Thoeren has a more than 30-year track record as an independent producer on such productions as Dark Kingdom, The Enemy, Catherine The Great, Caravans, and Peter The Great and also served as Head of UFA's international department and managing director/president of UFA International for many years.

While Thoeren's position in Internationalmedia's supervisory board is to be taken by the LA-based media lawyer Ortwin Freyermuth, a press release indicated that 'these management changes are intended to signal a new beginning for the company' following the debacle of the cancelllation of Jan De Bont's action thriller Stopping Power.