The Thessaloniki International Film Festival will host the European premiere of John Sayles' new film Honeydripper.

The film is currently in the final stages of post production. Starring Danny Glover and Lisa Gay Hamilton, Honeydripper is about the origins of rock
and roll in America's deep South. The director himself appears in a small part.

The November festival - the 48th Thessaloniki event - will stage a complete retrospective of the director's work accompanied by a special publication.

Sayles will attend accompanied by such regular collaborators as longtime partner and producer Maggie Renzi and actors Chris Cooper and David Strathairn.

The director will be honoured with a special Golden Alexander for his career and will also conduct a Master Class.

Sayles has been at the forefront of independent filmmaking since the 1980s, beginning his career as a self-reliant filmmaker.

Extraordinary is not only his allegiance to decidedly non-mainstream subjects, but also the business model by which he has been able to self-finance his films.

Having served as the scriptwriter of many Roger Corman B classics, he continues to pen scripts for big-budget films and pours his earnings into his own production company, The Anarchists Convention.

Festival director Despina Mouzaki said: 'In this respect Sayles' body of work is in perfect harmony to the spirit of the Thessaloniki festival'.