The organisers of the third Tokyo Project Gathering (TPG) have unveiled the 38 projects that will take part in this year's edition (Oct 21-24).

The financing and co-production market will take place at Tokyo's Roppongi Hills complex at the same time as the TIFFCOM contents market and the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).

Japan accounts for the largest number of projects - 13 in all - including Ugetu from Shinji Aoyama who recently competed at Venice with Sad Vaction. The selection also include three Japanese co-productions with South Korea, Taiwanese producer Michelle Yeh and Thai director Nonzee Nimibutr.

Hong Kong is represented with new projects from Pang Ho-Cheung, whose Isabella competed at Berlin in 2006, and hit-maker Vincent Kok who is bringing a comedy about vampire chickens, V For Vampire, to Tokyo.

The list also includes two projects from leading South Korean producers Eugene Lee (A Bittersweet Life) and Lee Tae-hun (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance).

Projects from South-East Asia include Indonesian filmmaker Nia Dinata's Chants Of Lotus and The Fortuneteller from Filipino director Paolo Herras. The selection also features projects from the US, Russia and Italy.

France is also well represented with projects from Alain Resnais and Claude Miller and producers Marin Karmitz and Catherine Dussart, who is working with Cambodian director Rithy Panh.

Tokyo Project Gathering 2007

1. 3 Cities Of The End Of The World (Taiwan)

Prod: Chen Wei. Dirs: Lo Ging-Zin, Yoh Komaya, Yao Hung-Yi

2. 65 Roses (Taiwan/Japan)

Prod: Michelle Yeh. Dir: Leste Chen

3. A Frozen Flower (South Korea)

Prod: Tae Hun Lee. Dir: Yoo Ha.

4. Akarui Musyoku (Japan)

Prod: Seiji Morishita. Dir: Hiroshi Okuda

5. Antiqu (South Korea)

Prod: Eugene Lee & Min Jin-soo. Dir: Min Kyu-dong

6. Chants Of Lotus (Indonesia)

Prod: Nia Dinata. Dir: Nia Dinata and others

7. Crystal Dolphin (Taiwan)

Prod: Chang San-ling. Dir: Hsu Jao-jen

8. Dellievery Health (USA)

Pord: Kanako Koido. Dir: Alison Chermik

9. Dream Of A Butterfly (USA)

Prod: Jonathan Levitt. Dir: Pan Zijing

10. Duck Fight (Thailand)

Prod: Pakphum Wongjinda. Dir: Pornchai Hongrattanapom

11. Fair End Of Heaven (Taiwan)

Prod: Peggy Hsiung-Ping Chiao. Dir: Jui-Yuan Tsao

12. Generation Forties (Japan)

Prod: Tatsuya Murayama. Dir: Yuji Nakae

13. I'm Glad That My Mother Is Alive (France)

Prod: Jean-Louis Livi. Dir: Claude and Nathan Miller

14. Koiwarai (Japan)

Prod: Kouichi Shibuya. Dir: TBA

15. Mabushikute Mienai (South Korea/Japan)

Prod: Yuko Kameda. Dir: TBA

16. Mangala (China/France)

Prod: TBA. Dir: Xiao Jiang

17. Melon Melon Forest Rangers (Japan)

Prod: Kenji Ishimaru. Dir: Hiroshi Chida

18. Missing Piece (Japan)

Prod: TBA. Dir: Katsunori Sato

19. My Istanbul (USA)

Prod: Kumi Kuroiwa. Dir: Yesim Ustagaolu

20. Naked Love (Japan)

Prod: Yutaka Moroashi. Dir: Sion Sono

21. Raincoat (China)

Prod: Zhongqiang Jin. Dir: Jiabei Zhang

22. Rusty Read (Italy)

Prod: Yui Shibata. Dir: Francesco Filippi

23. Shiiku (Cambodia)

Prod: Catherine Dussart. Dir: Rithy Panh

24. Stretch (France)

Prod: Marin Karmitz. Dir: Charles De Meaux

25. Takorasu World (Japan)

Prod: Takayuki Koide. Dir: TBA

26. TBA (Thailand/Japan)

Prod: Kitaro Kanematu. Dir: Nonzee Nimibutr

27. The Fortuneteller (Philippines)

Prod: Joseph David DC Santos. Dir: Paolo Herras

28. The Home Kinoglaz (Russia)

Prod: Evgenia Tirdatova. Dir: Nurbek Egen

29. The Incident (France)

Prod: Jean-Louis Livi. Dir: Alain Resnais

30. The Tchaikovsky Competition (Japan)

Prod: Motohiro Hatanaka. Dir: TBA

31. Tidoms (France/Canada)

Prod: François Cohen-Seat. Dir: Patrice Garcia

32. Tsurugidake (Japan)

Prod: Sunao Sakagami. Dir: Daisaku Kimura

33. Tuvalu Project (Hong Kong)

Prod: Subi Liang. Dir: Pang Ho-cheung

34. Two By The River (working title) (Japan)

Prod: TBA. Dir: Tomoko Kana

35. Two Men's Utopia (China)

Prod: Lola. Dir: Huang Ruxiang

36. Ugetu (Japan)

Prod: Toshio Toyoda. Dir: Shinji Aoyama

37. V For Vampire (Hong Kong)

Prod: Catherine Hun. Dir: Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu

38. Virgin Camellia (Japan)

Prod: Noriyuki Waki. Dir: Hiroki Yamaguchi