Hong Kong’s Media Asia has sold martial arts drama Wrath Of Vajra to India’s Zoom Entertainment Network and Taiwan’s Sky Films following a private screening in Toronto.

The $12m film also went to to Cambodia’s Westec Media and Myanmar’s Golden Yellow Tree. It was previously pre-sold to Well Go USA for North America, Korea’s Sonamu Pictures and Germany’s Splendid.

Directed by Law Wing-cheong, The Wrath Of Vajra is a martial arts drama about a young boy trained by a Japanese death cult who grows up to fight for the Chinese. It is tentatively scheduled for release in China in late September.

Produced by Kylin Network and Ningxia Movie Group (Painted Skin: The Resurrection), the film stars Shi Yanneng, Kurata Yasuaki, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Tony Liu and Jiang Baocheng.