TrustNordisk is handling international sales of new Danish crime series Those Who Kill, and will take the project to MIPTV next week.

The series is the latest Scandinavian crime hit – nearly a third of the Danish population watched the first episode when it premiered March 13 on TV2.

Production company Miso Film has now confirmed a second season of the series has been greenlit, with European partners including Sweden’s TV4, Norway’s TV2 and Germany’s ZDF Enterprises (which will all air the first series this autumn). The second season will air in Denmark in March 2012.

Kasper Barfoed, who directed four episodes of the first series, will direct another four for the second season. Other directors who worked on season one are Birger Larsen (The Killing, Wallander) and Niels Norlov.

ZDF Enterprises’ Peter Nadermann said: “Those Who Kill is setting new standards for the successful Scandinavian crime series and continues the path, which was laid in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series. The tight plots and exciting characters allows for Those Who Kill to measure up with all the best Scandinavian crime series, which have had great success in Germany.”

Programme director for TV4 Sweden Åsa Sjöberg added: “Those Who Kill is a modern crime series of very high quality. Its universe and characters, and the beautiful look not least, capture the audience in constant excitement, and I am all convinced that the Swedish audience is going to be thrilled about the series.”

Author Elsebeth Egholm and Stefan Jaworski wrote the series, which is about a special police unit that specialises in serial killers who don’t fit into traditional patterns. The cast features Laura Bach, Jakob Cedergren, Lars Mikkelsen, Lærke Winther, Ulrich Thomsen, Stine Steengade, David Dencik and Nikolaj Steen.

Series one, with a total budget of €11.5m, is 6 x 90 mins (but can also be aired as 12 x 45).

Jonas Allen and Peter Bose produce for Miso (whose credits also include Max Manus), and in addition to the broadcasters above, those on board also include SF Film, the Danish Film Institute’s Public Service Pool, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the Media Programme.