AmericanPsycho co-writerGuinevere Turner is writing the screenplay for Uwe Boll's adaptation of BloodRayne, based on the bestselling video gameabout a human-vampire hybrid who hunts down supernatural enemies.

Shooting on the$15m production is due to kick off in the Greater Vancouver area and EasternEurope in late summer.

Turner, whoseother writing credits include Go Fish, said of the BloodRayne character, "She's hot, she's pissed off,she has special powers - what's not to love'"

Boll KG andBrightlight Pictures have partnered on the co-production with Brighlight'sShawn Williamson set to produce.

Boll will serveas executive producer and has carved a niche for himself as a videogame-to-film specialist.

Previous creditsinclude House Of The Dead, which Artisan released last year, and Boll is in post-productionon Atari's Alone In The Dark starring Christian Slater and Tara Reid.