The Venice Film Festival has announced its line-up. Films from Woody Allen, Ken Loach, Paul Haggis, Todd Haynes, Ang Lee, Wes Anderson, Miike Takashi, Brian De Palma, Andrew Dominik, Peter Greenaway, Kitano Takeshi, Eric Rohmer and Kenneth Branagh among others will play the festival which runs from Aug 29-Sept 8.

Joe Wright's Atonement has previously been announced as opening the festival.


Atonement (Joe Wright, US-UK)


The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson, US)

Sleuth (Kenneth Branagh, UK-US)

Heya Fawda (Youssef Chahine, Egypt)

Redacted (Brian De Palma, US)

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (Andrew Dominik, US)

Nessuana Qualita Agli Eroi (Paolo Franchi, Italy-Switzerland-France)

Michael Clayton (Tony Gilroy, US)

Nightwatching (Peter Greenaway, Netherlands-Canada-France-Germany-Poland-UK)

En La Ciudad De Sylvia (Jose Luis Guerin, Spain)

In The Valley Of Elah (Paul Haggis, US-Morocco)

I'm Not There (Todd Haynes, US)

The Sun Also Rises (Jiang Wen, China-Hong Kong)

Help Me Eros (Lee Kang Sheng, Taiwan)

La Graine Et Le Mulet (Abdellatif Kechiche, France)

Lust, Caution (Ang Lee, Taiwan)

It's A Free World (Ken Loach, UK-Italy-Germany-Spain)

L'Ora Di Punta (Vincenzo Marra, Italy)

Sukiyaki Western Django (Miike Takashi, Japan)

12 (Nikita Mikhalkov, Russia)

Il Dolce E L'Amaro (Andrea Porporati, Italy)

Les Amours d'Astree Et Celadon (Eric Rohmer, France-Italy-Spain)


Cassandra's Dream (Woody Allen, UK-US)

Cleopatra (Julio Bressane, Brazil)

La Fille Coupee En Deux (Claude Chabrol, France)

Beyond The Years (Im Kwon Taek, South Korea)

Glory To The Filmmaker! (Kitano Takeshi, Japan)

Cristovao Colombo - O Enigma (Manoel De Oliveira, Portugal-France)


Per Un Pugno Di Dollari (1964) (Sergio Leone, Italy-Spain-Germany)

Blood Brothers (Alex Tan, Taiwan-China-Hong Kong)

REC (Paco Plaza, Jaume Balaguero, Spain)

Far North (Asif Kapadia, UK-France)

The Hunting Party (Richard Shepard, US-Croatia-Bosnia-)

The Nanny Diaries (Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini, US)

Nocturna (Adria Garcia, Victor Maldonado, Spain-France)


Sad Vacation (Aoyama Shinji, Japan)

Mal Nascida (Joao Canijo, Portugal)

Searchers 2.0 (Alex Cox, US)

Medee Miracle (Tonino De Bernardi, Italy-France)

Cochochi (Laura Amelia Guzman, Israel Cardenas, Mexico-UK-Canada)

With The Girl Of Black Soil (Jeon Soo-Il, South Korea-France)

L'Histoire De Richard O (Damien Odoul, France)

Autumn Ball (Veiko Ounpuu, Estonia)

The Silence Before Bach (Pere Portabella, Spain)

Exodus (Penny Woolcock, UK)

More follows