Internet start-up Pivotshare is making available a web video tool allowing creators to monetise their content through streaming video channels that can be sent across a variety of devices. 

The company offers organisations and individuals “a Netflix-style channel with your logo, your branding, your media sent to your audience”.

In August Pivotshare raised $1 million in Series A financing from Towns Gate Media. The company seeks to capitalise on the increasing demand especially among independent filmmakers and entertainers to distribute and monetise their material in a direct link with their audience. Pivotshare aims to make content monetisation as easy as possible. There are no upfront costs or monthly fees for publishing video through Pivotshare, instead the company collects a portion of sales. The registration process is simple and involves uploading video and setting a price for the content. The model is in some ways similar to other popular online market sites, such as Cafepress or Etsy.

Pivotshare founder Adam Mosam says “The media landscape is evolving and advances in technology are creating new opportunities to distribute and monetise content. Pivotshare is focused on providing a complete solution that enables anyone to maximize the value of their digital media. We’re excited to work with both seasoned and emerging content creators and help them launch their media businesses online.”