Universal Pictures has deployed Aspera’s faspex as its production and post-production solution for sending, receiving and sharing of media files.

Universal has tried several different file sharing solutions in past years. Some digital delivery methods required longer set up times or extensive training or hit snags in the bandwidth constraints of different facilities or in compatability with commodity computer hardware.

During post-production on such Universal tentpole films as Battleship [pictured] and Snow White and The Huntsman, an array of facilities in diverse locations must work in tandem, sharing and manipulating on a daily basis files that might be up to 30 GB.

“Aspera is now our approved standard for transferring content around the world,” said John Toal, director, post production content security at Universal Pictures. “Before Aspera, each time we started production on a new film, we had to spend a great deal of time setting up the system and training new crew members on the file transfer process. Because of Aspera’s intuitive interface and set-up, new users simply go to a web page, click, drag and drop. It couldn’t be easier. We can quickly configure the system, use it for the six-month production lifecycle, then cycle it back into use as the next post-production teams need it.”

Aspera’s president and co-founder, Michelle Munson, said “With the globalization of post-production, growing file sizes, and the enduring need to deliver to tight deadlines, studios like Universal Pictures can rely on our proven, secure and flexible data movement platform to keep their productions on schedule and teams up to date on the status of projects no matter where they are in the world.”