Warner Bros' German office is serving as co-producer and distributor on actor-director-producer Til Schweiger's new feature film Keinohrhasen which begins principal photography on location in Berlin today.

Produced by Schweiger and Tom Zickler's production company Barefoot Films with Warner Bros Film and private broadcaster SAT.1, the romantic comedy was co-written by Schweiger and Anika Decker and co-stars Nora Tschirner (Soloalbum), Matthias Schweighofer (The Red Baron), newcomer Alwara Hofels, Armin Rohde (The Robber Hotzenplotz) and Rick Kavanian (Dreamship Surprise: Period 1).

In addition to directing, Schweiger will be playing the lead role of a philanderer and gossip reporter who finds himself serving community service in a kindergarten where he clashes with a teacher he knew during childhood.

Speaking in Berlin a day before shooting began, Schweiger stressed that the film should not be interpreted as 'a settling of accounts or based on my experiences with tabloid journalists. There are nice tabloid journalists and not so nice ones, but that's the same in every profession.'

'Keinohrhasen is a cheeky, fast film - the romantic comedy is to the fore and thus a role for Til as the cinema-goers love him.' producer Tom Zickler said, pointing out that the new film is similar to Barefoot 'on the emotional level', but will be 'decidedly funnier.'

Keinohrhasen , which has been backed with $1.2m (Euros 900,000) by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, is the third project of Barefoot Films after Schweiger's box-office hit Barefoot (Barfuss) and Reto Salimbeni's One Way and will wrap after 38 days on May 22.

Warner Bros Pictures Germany will release the film in German cinemas in early 2008.