Wild Bunch was striking an upbeat note as the company announced its EFMdeals yesterday. Despite the credit crunch, it emerged that the French powerhouses has closed multiple territories on its packed Berlin slate.

'I think the worst is still to come. We were all afraid that Berlin would be a very bad market because of the credit crunch but I didn't find that at all,' Wild Bunch's Vincent Maraval commented of the impact of the economic downturn. 'It was work as usual.'

Showing that buyers still relish spectacle, several deals were concluded for underwater Digital 3D docu-fiction film Oceans 3D - Into The Deep. Gaga dived in for Japanese rights. Eagle took Italian rights. Monolith took Polish rights. Luxor took the film for the CIS. Meanwhile, Wanda took the film for Spain (and also picked up Largo Winch). Oceans 3D also went to China (New Vision), Hungary (Best Hollywood), and Hong Kong (Deltamac).

Videovision bought South African rights for Oceans 3D and also picked up The Concert and Soundtrack From A Revolution.

Oceans 3D also went to Latin America (excluding Brazil) to Babilla. The Brazilian rights went to Europa Cine. Meanwhile, Greek buyer Spentzos bought Oceans 3D, Time That Remains, Ordinary People, Even The Rain, Sound Of Noise, Room In Rome, Goemon and Tales From The Golden Age.

Pascal Laugier's Martyrs, James Toback's Tyson and Fabrice Du Welz'sVinyan went to Comstock in Japan. The original Yes Men film was sold to AMG in Japan.

Gilles Bourdos' English-language debut Afterwards went to The Weinstein Company in the US.

Michael Winterbottom's Killer Inside Me went to Noble in Scandinavia and for ex-Yugoslavia to Fivia, which also took Oceans 3D.

Julio Medem's Room in Rome went to Benelux (A-Film) and CIS (Maywin).

Ken Loach's Looking For Eric and Woody Allen's Whatever Works were bothpicked up for Scandinavia by Svensk.

The Blonde With Bare Breasts was grabbed for Benelux by Lumiere and for CIS by Maywin. Meanwhile, Wild Bunch Germany was confirmed as German distributor for the film.

Goemon went to Momentum in the UK and Splendid in Germany and Benelux.

Sound Of Noise went to Maywin for CIS, to Babilla for Latin America (excluding Brazil) and to Brazil (Europa Cine).

Camino went to With Cinema in Korea.

Three films were sold to Flash Forward in Taiwan (Bunny & The Bull, Sound Of Noise and Looking For Eric). Oceans 3D and Che Guevara went to Filmware in Taiwan and Room In Rome, Spring Fever and Taste Of the Golden Age went to Swallow Wings.

There were also many other deals closed on Wild Bunch titles with smaller territories.