Wim Wenders has changed the name of his Berlin-based production company Wenders Images to Neue Road Movies whose first project will be The Palermo Shooting which is currently in post-production and be tipped for a premiere in Cannes.

In a press statement, it was stressed that there is neither a business connection nor any legal context with the former Road Movies company and added that 'Wim Wenders rather wants to break new ground and open the company to young filmmakers and projects with 'road credibility'.'

'The old Road Movies had a glorious history that is impossible to repeat,' Wenders recalled. 'Founded in Berlin in 1976, the company produced countless films, some of them very successful, and gained an international reputation until it went down in the crisis of the New Market. So here's to a new start! On the road again '

Meanwhile, Peter Schwartzkopff, partner with Wenders in the Hamburg-based outfit Reverse Angle Production before the filmmaker left to set up Wenders Images, has now begun production on his third film project, Ina Weisse's Rigor Mortis, after Wenders' Don't Come Knockin' and the Lola-nominated documentary Pool Of Princesses by Bettina Bluemner, which was made as a co-production with Reverse Angle Factory.

Weisse's feature debut Rigor Mortis began principal photography on April 1 in Austria's Tyrol region with a cast including Josef Bierbichler, Sandra Hueller (Requiem) and Matthias Schweighoefer (The Red Baron).