UPDATED OCTOBER 27: What looked like a tight international box office contest heading into the weekend saw Annabelle emerge as the comfortable winner thanks to a confirmed $26.2m haul.


UPDATE: The horror film was active in 62 territories and has now reached $126.7m internationally and $206.2m worldwide, boosted by a superb set of results in Latin America.

Powering the weekend was the biggest opening ever for a horror film in Mexico on $10.9m from 2,746 screens. The Friday-Sunday portion of this four-day weekend launch doubled that of Warner Bros’ 2013 horror smash The Conjuring.

Annabelle also opened top in Argentina on $1.4m from 202 for 46% market share and scored a record horror debut and Warner Bros’ second biggest weekend ever in Peru on $1.3m.

It also opened top in Panama and Venezuela and slipped to number two in its third session in Brazil on $2.2m for $11.5m. The film has taken $10.3m in France, $9.6m in the UK and $6.7m in South Korea.

The Judge grossed $7.1m from 47 markets to stand at $19.3m. The drama opened in Italy on $1.2m from 282, Mexico on $842,000 from 384, France on $493,000 from 183, Spain on $346,000 from 206 and Greece on $191,000 from 46.

Russia led the second weekend charge on $1m for $3.3m, while Taiwan generated $548,000 for $1.5m and Brazil $438,000 for $1.4m.

Argentinian smash Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) brought in a further $1.1m from eight markets to stand at $20.6m. it ranks as the biggest local title of all time in Argentina. Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends has grossed $38.4m in Japan.


UPDATE: Lucy took $19.6m overall and opened top of the class in China on $19m through EuropaCorp and stands at $308.5m from all markets. The Universal tally stands at $230.8m and the worldwide haul has reached $435m.

The number one North American release Ouija opened in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland and Slovenia to score $1.4m. The horror release rolls out over the coming months and arrives this week in the UK and 12 other territories.

Dracula Untold brought in a further $14.9m from 59 territories for $117.7m and scored a pair of notable number one debuts, taking $2.9m in Brazil and $1.9m in Spain.

The Boxtrolls added $4m from 43 territories for $41.8m and opened in Germany on $326,000. The UK tally stands at $12.4m after 45 days and there are 11 territories to go including Spain this week.

Boyhood has grossed $16.4m from 17 territories and the drama arrived in South Korea in eighth place on $383,000 from 178 venues and opened in Italy on $180,000 from 108. It opens this weekend in Argentina and Brazil.

3D animation The Seventh Dwarf (Die Siebte Zwerg) opened in German-speaking Europe on $3.4m.


UPDATE: Gone Girl crossed $100m as $18.9m from 62 markets elevated the running total to $118.8m. South Korea delivered a $3.8m number one debut from 653 screens while the UK generated a further $2.6m in the fourth weekend to reach $27.6m and rank third.

France added $1.9m for $9.1m after three, Australia $1.9m for $16.9m after four and Germany $1.2m for $8.9m after four. There are five markets to go including Japan and Italy in December.

The Maze Runner continued its march towards $200m as $12.9m from 66 boosted the score to $179.5m. The top result was as $5.2m number one weekend in France, resulting in $12.6m after two sessions. The YA adaptation stands at $9.5m in the UK after three sessions and $3.9m in Germany after two. 

Animation The Book Of Life earned $8.2m from 25 markets for an early $18.4m and opened in fourth place in the UK on $1.6m from 850 and in tenth place in France on $1.1m from 318.

Director Jorge Gutierrez and producer Guillermo del Toro’s home nation Mexico delivered the top result on $2.5m from 1,519 for $6.9m and second place after two weekends.

Let’s Be Cops added $1.8m for $35.6m.


UPDATE: Fury ventured into 15 territories and grossed $11.7m from 1,975 screens.

The UK led the way for the Brad Pitt WWII tank drama on $3.2m from 709, while France delivered $2.1m from 415 screens and Australia $2.2m from 336 for number one.

The Equalizer added $5.3m from 74 for $77.6m, of which $70.3m comes from Sony territories and the balance from Village Roadshow. The Denzel Washington thriller arrived in third place in Japan on $720,765 from 183 and Taiwan $380,386 from 54. Germany has generated $6.3m after three weekends.


UPDATE: Hercules grossed $10.9m from debuts in China and Japan to push the running total to $165.5m including $11.3m from MGM territories.

The Dwayne Johnson adventure scored $9.6m in China from approximately 4,700 sites and $1.3m from 337 Japanese locations.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossed $200m as $1.1m from 32 territories boosted the tally to $202.2m.

France produced $3.5m in the second weekend for $9.5m and the UK $3.1m for $12.7m after two. The action film ranked number one in the second consecutive session in Germany as $2m elevated the gross to $6.5m. Spain has generated $2.4m after two.

The Turtles arrive in China this week and in Japan on February 7, 2015.  


Guardians Of The Galaxy grossed $10.3m over the weekend for $424m and added $6.5m in China to reach $84.4m.

The Marvel Studios release opened in the final market of Italy on $3.4m. The global tally of $753m means Guardians has also passed X-Men: Days Of Future Past on $746m and The Amazing Spider-Man on $752m. Guardians ranks as the third biggest worldwide release this year behind Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Maleficent.

Big Hero 6 opened in Russia two weeks ahead of North America and produced $4.8m. The overall weekend including Ukraine was $5m.

Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opened in the UK, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Uruguay this weekend, grossing $2.5m from 18 territories overall for an early 11.2m.

The family film has amassed $3.8m in Mexico, $1.8m in Russia and $1m in the UK. It opens in Spain on November 7.


Chinese action comedy Breakup Buddies grossed $4.4m and stands at $173m.