MARCH 30 UPDATE: Cinderella emerged from a tough pack of contenders to become the belle of the ball at the international box office thanks to a confirmed $40m haul via Disney.


UPDATED: The live-action fairy tale is active in 52 territories and has climbed to $187.7m as the global tally surged to $337.3m.

Cinderella enjoyed strong debuts in all its new markets and opened at number one in the UK on $5.6m and Spain on $2.1m heading into school holidays in both markets. The Spanish launch was the third highest of the year-to-date.

In France the film, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James, Games Of Thrones’ Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchett, opened on $3.8m.

A $3.7m debut in Australia defied the huge distraction of the Cricket World Cup final against New Zealand to secure a number one berth. Brazil produced a solid $3.4m table-topping debut.

Cinderella stayed top in its second weekend in Italy where it has reached $13.7m

China added $6.4m and leads the way on $65.1m as the second biggest live-action Disney release ever. Mexico has delivered $12.7m, Russia $9.8m, Germany $5.2m, Philippines $4.5m, Malaysia $4.2m, South Korea $4m, Australia $3.7m, Brazil $3.4m and Thailand $3.1m. 

The fairy tale arrives in South Africa this week and is scheduled for Japan on April 25.

Into The Woods crossed $200m worldwide and stands at $75.5m internationally and $127.9m in North America. The release added $1.3m for $13.6m after three sessions in Japan.

Big Hero 6 stands at $651.7m globally and has become the second biggest animation ever behind Kung Fu Panda 2 as a further $2.7m propelled the running total to $81.8m. 

Japan has generated $76.4m and the UK $29.6m. The film added $3.1m internationally for $429.6m.


UPDATED: Insurgent generated $29m from 81 markets to reach $92.3m after two sessions. France remains the lead market after $3.5m from 615 screens boosted the score to $10.6m and the YA adaption is on course to overtake the lifetime total of Divergent on Monday.

The sci-fi thriller arrived in South Korea on $1.5m from 550 screens and added approximately $2.1m from 508 in the UK for $7.7m.

Brazil has taken $7.5m and Russia $7m after two weekends while Mexico stands at $6.7m, Australia $5.6m, Germany $3.4m, Venezuela $3.1m, Philippines $2.8m and Benelux $2.8m. Latin America as a whole has generated $24.3m after two sessions. Insurgent storms into Spain this week.


UPDATED: DreamWorks Animation’s Home, the number one arrival in North America over the weekend, arrived in 55 new markets and grossed $25.5m from 11,671 screens in 61 markets overall to reach $49.6m.

Fox International executives said rankings were available in only 23 of the new markets and confirmed the family animation finished top in 15 overall.

The UK led the way in a string of solid second weekend holds as $3.9m from 968 earned second place and pushed the tally to $14.1m. Russia produced $3.5m from 1,833 for number one and $11m and Australia $1.3m from 330 for number four and $3.9m.

Home arrived top in Mexico on $3.1m from 2,136 and top in Puerto Rico for the biggest debut of 2015 so far on $686,621 from 93.

Staying with the Americas, the film opened top in central America on $562,000 from 158, second in Argentina on $499,000 from 216, top in Peru on $466,000 from 168, second in Colombia on $469,000 from 279 and second in Chile on $342,000 from 112.

Last week’s Germanwings air tragedy impacted the market severely as box office was the weakest of the year so far. Home debuted in fifth place on $994,000 from 986.

Kingsman: The Secret Service earned $27.9m from 52 markets to climb to $211.7m, buoyed by a number one $22.6m Chinese debut on 4,157 screens.

Taken 3 used a $5.9m haul from eight markets to raise its game to $238.2m, while Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel grossed $2.3m from 33 for $38.8m and opened in fifth place in Spain on $390,000 from 291. There are a further 26 markets scheduled to open in May.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb has reached $242.8m following a $1.7m weekend in 10 markets. Japan produced $1.6m from 664 in the second session for $6.9m.


UPDATED: The Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard made its foray international forays, opening in nine markets on $4.9m.

The UK led the way on $2.1m from 409 in fourth place, while Australia delivered $1.4m from 154 for third place. An outstanding number one debut in the UAE resulted in $639,000 from 45 for the third biggest Warner Bros comedy opening behind The Hangover Part III and The Hangover Part II.

Focus generated $8.7m from 64 markets for $82.4m. France produced a $2m debut from 347 including previews for third place and Spain delivered number two on $1.4m from 317.

The Will Smith caper has generated $10.8m in the UK, $8.6m in Russia, $8.1m in Mexico, $6.2m in Australia, $5.4m in Italy, $4.1m in Brazil, $3.1m in Germany, $2.7m in Holland, $2.5m in the UAE and $2.3m in Argentina.

Liam Neeson action release Run All Night grossed $2.1m from 25 markets to reach $19.9m and has amassed $3.1m in the UK, $2.7m in France, $1.9m in South Korea and $1.5m in Taiwan and $1m in Australia. The next major releases are Germany and Russia on April 16.

Jupiter Ascending added $1.2m from 25 for a disappointing $132.5m. Japan was the final market to opened and delivered $1.1m from 469. China is the lead market on $46.2m, followed by Russia on $9m and the UK on $6.7m.

Local German title The Nanny , a Panteleon Films and Warner Bros co-production, debuted top on $3.1m from 629.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water took $5.4m from 44 territories for $127.7m. The highlight of the weekend was a number three debut on the UK that earned $3.3m from 483 sites. The children’s film opens in Australia this week.


Chappie grossed $2.3m from 69 territories as Neill Blomkamp’s latest slice of sci-fi reached $47m. The film debuted in Venezuela in third place on $280,000 from 49 screens in the biggest opening for the director in local currency.

France has generated $4m after four weekends, while Mexico, Australia and Spain have produced $2.4m, $2.3m and $1.8m after three, respectively


UPDATED: Fifty Shades Of Grey will cross $400m internationally this week after $2.2m from 54 territories propelled the tally to $398.7m.

The S&M romance became the biggest grossing Universal film in history in Australia, where it has amassed $18.4m. It is the 16th territory where Universal has scored an all-time mark.

The global haul stands at $563.9m, making Fifty Shades Universal’s eighth biggest release after Jurassic Park ($1.043bn), Despicable Me 2  ($975.2m); E.T. ($798.7m); Fast & Furious 6 ($789m); Fast Five ($630m); The Lost World ($624.9m) and Mamma Mia! ($606.1m).

The Boy Next Door grossed $2.2m from 25 for $11.1m and opened in Russia in fourth place on $568,000 from 473 venues and Brazil in fifth on $180,000 from 134.

Legendary’s Seventh Son has reached $68.3m, rising to $93.4m factoring in $25.5m from China.

The Theory Of Everything stands at $84.3m internationally and $120m worldwide. The drama opened in its final market of Vietnam on $13,000 from 18 sites.